New Year - New Beginnings

In case you haven't noticed, I've been tweaking the blog a bit. This really isn't my area of skill (but what is?) so bear with me while I work it out. Assuming we actually make it to Thailand this summer, I think there will be a lot to share. So hang in there-some day there will be more going on here than me just assailing you with pics of my kids and knitting. I swear.
Did I say knitting? Oh yes I did.
My mother has been enabling, I mean supplying me with her gorgeous homespun. Of course by the time I finish with it I have long forgotten what it was composed of or what color. So they all get tagged as "alpaca blend" and I make up my own color. This one I would call moss & bark, but feel free to disagree. These Fable Mitts are awesome-very handy to have in this mild Virginia weather, and quick knit to boot. I even made another pair the next week as a gift. But that's another day.
Fable Knits are a free pattern-you can find them on Ravelry of course, or here
I like being able to pick button accents, and might try designing a hat to match. They came in handy this sunday when we had a family outing into the district. It was muy muy chilly, so we didn't venture far, but our last stop was the gorgeous U.S. Botanic Gardens. Even in the winter, their outdoor gardens were stunning and we stopped for a gratuitous mitt shot at the arbor:

We caught their indoor train exhibit on THE VERY LAST DAY. Little P was out of his mind with joy-tracks everywhere, overhead and going through tunnels. It was amazing. There were little fairytale houses and palaces build out of plants and trees, whimsical tableaus, and Thomas the tank engine whipping throughout. I oohed and ahhed over the replica of Castle Neuschwanstein, which we once toured in Germany long long ago.
D.C. is proving to be full of surprises and gems!


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