Museums are Amazing

Did we just step out of a chinook?

Nate ran around this truck twice, pointing and exclaiming. That is pure boy-joy.

The great hall was awe-inspiring for kids AND grownups.
We finally took a quick trip to Quantico to visit the Marine Corps Museum. I wasn't totally thrilled, but my husband had a real desire to see it. Once we were there, I quickly realized this one was a total winner. It was designed to really engage you, veterans, civilians, young and old. You get to experience being picked up by the bus and being taken to Paris Island, getting screamed at by a male or female (!) drill instructor, testing out the gear a marine recruit has to carry, etc.
The next few exhibits are about the origins and history of the marines, blood and guts being set aside in favor of the pride and heroics of early U.S. marines. I was a little surprised to find myself so interested. The kids, not so much. However, the exhibits about our involvement in foreign affairs/conflicts were done so well, the kids were quickly entertained. Lots of things to pick up, listen to, trucks to OOOHH and AHHH over; every room had a different look (and once, a different temperature.)
We finished by breezing quickly through the 9/11 exhibit (still so fresh and terrible in our minds) and had lunch in the Tun Tavern upstairs. Cool. Very cool.


Little Tree Vintage said...

how cool! i wanna go!