A Visit In Pictures

We had a wonderful visit from my parents last week. It was downright refreshing to have them with us. The kids were so happy, that for four days they totally forgot to act out at all. It was cuh-razzzy. And my parents can totally hang with our active lifestyle, so we could get a LOT of fun stuff into just a few days.
We enjoyed the beautiful weather, walked along Great Falls. Philip showed his grandma his favorite part.
We stopped to pretend we were little critters. (My sockhead hat, with tassels)

We visited beautiful Mt. Vernon. Felt closer to our nation's first president. And his wife, thanks to a very pushy tour guide.
We walked the battlefield at Manassas. A gorgeous space of land, with a sad history. And Nathan chased his shadow on Stone Bridge over Bull Run while Philip hiked with his grandparents.
We braced ourselves against the chilly weather and visited Harpers Ferry, WV. Then warmed ourselves up at the lovely Bluemont Vineyard on the way back. Best view, so-so wines, but great hospitality. "The Goat" Viognier was my favorite.
And we wrapped it up with some great meals and good talks together before my folks headed back north. Miss them so much already, but its their loving support that helps us push on through all the challenges that a life in the foreign service brings. I love you Mom and Dad!

Oh, and we just love how recycled jars, tissue paper, and Modpodge make the coolest things. In a twist on our Halloween luminaries, we created these for Valentine's Day:
I simply cut hearts in tissue paper. We saved half a dozen wide-mouth jars. I sponged a layer of Modpodge on the outside of each and let Philip smack hearts on them, starting with the largest. Since Modpodge (I used the glossy) dries fast, I re-applied a coat on each as we went along, getting down to the smallest hearts. Then allowed them to dry completely, about two hours, before we put them up for show. Now we can put tea lights in them and they will have a pretty rosy glow.


Carole Knits said...

Your mom filled me in on the visit the other night. Sounds like you all had a great time. I know she can't wait to come back.