To My Little Man

It won't be long before my kisses, snuggles and affection bring eye-rolling from you. But I won't ever stop anyways.
I think you are absolutely perfect. So perfect it stuns me.
Sometimes people remark upon how obvious it is that I adore you. Truly.
The sound of your voices make my heart jump for joy. And when you play with your brother, which is all the time, you make me so proud that you are so kind and caring at so young.
Don't ever let someone's advice, no matter how kind it seems, make you change the way you are. Don't worry about the people who don't understand, because I will. Always.
If someone ever tells you that you 'try too hard' just walk away. People told me that every now and then. Luckily, I didn't listen and neither should you.
I have a hard time watching you sleep. Because I want so badly to pick you up and hold you close.
Be kind to others. No matter who they are. Being a gracious person is a rare quality. Even people you dislike deserve to be treated with respect. Its not 'fake," just basic human decency. It also takes a stronger person to be this way. Being rude is easy. But if you are anything like your parents, you won't ever look for the easy way.
When I think about dancing with you on your wedding day, I could crumble.
You will hate me for it sometimes, but I will expect better from you. Its not because I think you are better than anyone else. Its because I think you can DO better.
When you were born you turned our lives upside down in ways we never expected. It wasn't until you entered our world that we truly understood compassion. And love. Full, soul-warming, love.
I tell you all day long that I love you. And you tell me too.