I'm proud I survived almost seven months away from my hot glue gun. Then Pinterest got the best of me, and broke me down until I found myself clawing through the bins of cheap mini-glue guns at the craft store. It was serious. I had to make some headbands. With flowers.
So here was my cathartic venture into headband-land. Won't you join me?
You will need:
One stem of silk flowers with small buds
Stretch/Elastic headbands (although this would work really well with fabric bands)
Scrap felt
Embroidery thread
Tapestry needle
and any beads or embellishments you might like, but I kept it simple this time.
First, get yourself some pretty silk buds. I went with hydrangeas. Then de-flower them. For each headband you will also need to cut two oval pieces of the felt, about two inches long.
Using a tapestry needle and some leftover embroidery ribbon string about 7 or 8 petals together and onto a piece of scrap felt, so you have a pretty flower-ey mess. Repeat four times, or until the felt is covered, and tie off on the back.
Hot glue-gunnin'. Oh yeah.
I attached a Goody elastic headband to a matching oval of scrap felt with one line of glue. Then glued the piece sewn with blossoms on top, sandwiching the headband firmly in between.

Carefully trim any felt backing that is visible from the top. Then you go enjoy the sunshine with your pretty new boho-headband. Spring can't get here soon enough-oh wait, its actually 65 degrees here in Virginia yesterday, and likely to hit 70 today.
And my five year old takes pretty good pictures if you ask me.


Carole Knits said...

So cute!

erica marie said...

Lovey sweet that your 5 year old doesn't mind taking pics of you.

xo erica

blogless sharon said...

extra cute