Finished Objects Friday

VOILA! We have finished knitting projects to share! And by we, I mean me.
I probably shouldn't even be blogging these because they will be gifted, but hopefully those peeps won't be reading this.
The first is the Nantes Hat from Interweave Knits mag, in soft and scrunchy Debbie Bliss cashmere. For a dear person who has been so kind and caring to me, but is going through a difficult ordeal right now. And not the first time, in fact it might be the fourth time?? I lost count. But she is brave, giving, and quick to offer help to others. So I'm sending some love her way.
The other isn't from any pattern per se. It was originally going to be a loose loose loose sweater for me with a pretty cable I took from the Vogue Stitionary. I started from the bottom up, and when I reached the chest it was obvious this would make a rearrrry cute tunic or dress for a little girl. So I improvised. Now all it needs is leggings and an undershirt and away it goes to one of the pretty little peanuts.
Unfortunately, I started this over a year ago! And my little notebook where I scratch down my pattern notes is somewhere in storage in the grand little state of Maryland. Maybe when I see it again I will post the pattern. I'm guessing this would be for a 2-4 year old. Also in Debbue Bliss, wool tweed.
The best knits I have ever made are gifted knits. And the best knits I have right now were gifted to me. That's all I have to say. Happy Friday!!!!


Carole Knits said...

They are both really cute!