Me Vs. Raging Hormones

"Hello! Baby Furniture Warehouse-Dave speaking."

"Hi Dave, I'm calling to see if my order of furniture came in today as planned."

"Hold on a moment please..."

hmmmm....da da da the girl from ipanema.....

"Hello, Mrs Rand? They couldn't fit it on the truck today."

Oh really a%*wipe. I spent all morning organizing onesies and rattles to make space because you said it would be here. "Oh that's too bad Dave. When do think the dressers will be there for us to pickup?"

"Well, with the snow I don't think we'll have them monday either."

Great. GREAT! I'm about to POP any minute now, but driving through sleet in a little Jeep is no problem for me, but it is for two grown men in a tractor trailer?

"Oh, that's the latest you said it would take-so my husband had planned to be there today or tomorrow to get them."

"Sorry Mrs. Rand, but I'd have to say they should be in on thursday."

Oh go screw yourself. I'm going to go make four dozen cookies and a pumpkin pie, I'm so damn frustrated.

"Thanks Dave, have a nice day!"

I just wanted to give you all a little insight on the evil that lurks within....


Carole said...

Oh give me a break. The snow delayed the delivery? Hellooooo? The sun is shining now.

blogless sharon said...

what a bunch of TATAs

Martita said...

You sound like me at work, all pleasant on the phone, and then I cuss them out after I hang up. Only our office phone is tricky and you have to make sure it ended the call before you start cussing.

maryse said...

you don't have to be pregnant for that to piss you off.

snow? there was snow today?

Chris said...

Ok, how can we put the knitting bloggers mojo to work on this? Ah, I know: Tell dear old Dave if the furniture doesn't arrive like now, we'll all knit up some voodoo dolls and learn new things to do with our knitting needles.