Hats Off!

I finished another fuzzy and soft cable beanie last night, and am reluctant to let it go! But I really did want to participate in the Knit Unto Others KAL, so I gathered all my finished hats for one last goodbye.

Since none of these are made in a washable wool, they wouldn't be too suitable for children. Instead, I'm sending them off to St. Francis House in Boston to be distributed through their means to the homeless.
About five years ago I accompanied our church youth group to an overnight there and helped with their clothing distribution the next morning. It was quite an experience-I wish I had the pictures with me. Ever since then, I think of those people we met when we have cold winter nights, as we learned its quite commonplace for the homeless to freeze to death on particularly harsh nights. It's a little 'put yourself in someone else's shoes,' moment that I have all the time. Imagine struggling to survive a harsh city in the winter, while people in warm coats, with warm offices and apartments are all around you. It makes my heart break.


Carole said...

Excellent point, Heather. Thanks for what you've done to help out.

Karen said...

Thanks for posting the cable beenie pattern the other day. I've just about finished one to send to Soaring Eagles - and since it's so quick with the Chunky yarn, I may even have time to whip out another!! Your hats all look great. :)

blogless sharon said...

good job heather