London and a Silly Hat yesterday I was reminiscing about London. In all the places we have lived and visited, I have never felt so at home. And with all the places on this earth I wish to see, returning there tops my list. Even if I had to choose between jolly ol' England or being the first knitter in space...well, London would win. I would move there permanently if given the choice. (Sorry Boston.)

Traveling is remarkable to me because it packs more surprises than a cheap horror movie. One such occasion that I will never forget was a quick dinner at this funky spot on Drury Lane. We were going to see 'My Fair Lady'and needed to eat first, and were drawn to this cute little wooden door surrounded by a lush little garden. Stepping inside, we found a great long room, decorated something between the theme of Arabian Nights and a high school theatre prop room. The place was called Sarastro, and was supposed to be almost a theatrical dining experience, but it was quiet that night, or maybe we were very early (they eat very late in that city, usually after the show). So we were led to a little nook where we were suited on golden batik-printed cusions and served a half-way decent mediterranean meal.

We were almost done when Mr. decided to hit the restroom. He came back with a stunned look on his face, and after a moment he murmured, "there is porn in the bathroom. ALL OVER the walls."
I couldn't contain myself, and picturing walls pasted with pages from smutty magazines, of course made a mad rush to see for myself. (Later we checked a guide of area restaurants and found that this place was recommended for families. Sweet.) Who wouldn't?

The ladies room as well was painted wall to wall with a fresco of little devils having their way with plump little nymphs. In every possible position. Quite happily too. On every inch of wall. You couldn't find a safe place to keep your eyes, as even while you washed your hands, the mirror above reflected dozens of wicked little figures having the time of their lives, while you cursed having to rush off to a rated G musical....Screamingly funny.


Karen said...

That is too funny!!!! No pictures? LOL

:) Karen

Carole said...

Too bad you weren't a blogger back then. You would have taken pictures!