Fuzzy Baby Boggy Brain

I'm sorry for the bland post, but my camera is home. It's getting harder to accomplish even the ordinary tasks, and as for keeping up routine? Even worse. I'm not totally disorganized yet, but in small stages I can see it happening. First came the physical signs; walking trash to the basement went first. Then I became complete helpless in the cleaning department, and the house began looking a bit like a used-clothing drive. I could sort things into piles, but physically the follow-through just-wasn't-a-happenin'.

Now here's the catch-I can shop for three different types of sugar, whip up a batch biscotti, improvise a double-boiler and dip them in chocolate, but I can't find my way to the sock drawer.

Shortly thereafter came the signs of mental weakness- I have always been terrible with the telephone, but now I forget my cell phone even exists. If you want to reach me, send a carrier pigeon, write it in the sky, or shoot an arrow, but don't call! If I don't write it down in my calendar, I even forget to shower.

Again, its bizarre that I can knit half a dozen cabled hats, but if you ask me to call the vet the scheduled a Scout-checkup, I can't find enough time!

Just an update on Dave and the furniture situation- the pieces did not show up thursday as I was told. However, after receiving a visit from Mr. they called just hours later to notify us the furniture had arrived. It must have been magic.


JessaLu said...

Kids will do that to you... ;o)

Carole said...

You have pregnancy brain. It's completely normal.