Theodore Roosevelt Island

Yesterday, after saying goodbye to more family, we were in desperate need of a distraction so we ventured over to Roosevelt Island. Part memorial, part nature preserve, its a bit of an oddity, just steps away from Key Bridge and practically bumping into busy Georgetown. On one side, two paddle boarders were enjoying the calm waters. On the other, traffic, sirens, and tourists.

After we crossed a bridge onto the island, we let the boys loose to run and explore. The sun was out, the air was cool, and all the normal people were at work. It felt like we had the place almost to ourselves.

The monument was beautiful. And was absolutely surreal, given that it was in the middle of this wooded park/island, and the reflecting pools that encircled it were totally dry.

Kind of spooky, but I liked it.

Myles was thrilled to be with us too. Very vigilant throughout our hike, yet he still didn't notice the deer we walked by.

The kids were hard to hush on the swamp path, as they loved racing down the raised trail. But we spotted herons, turtles, spectacular dragonflies and butterflies.

These trees were a bit shocking, and made me a bit sad. I know its just sweet and sentimental, but these two trees were carved up pretty badly.