The First Day in Bangkok

I imagined something totally different. Not the Bangkok of "Hangover II" exactly, but something more like New York City if it were inhabited by southeast Asians. I thought we would arrive at the airport and be attacked by a dozen crazy taxi drivers trying to give us "the special tour" or something like that. I thought we would be pushed around and lost in an overwhelming city.

Silly me.

We were met by friends before even getting to baggage claim, and a charming and well-dressed expediter whisked us through the rest and helped us reclaim our puppydog, Myles. We settled into our temporary housing at 2am, yet we were stress-free.

The next morning we decided to venture out and get a feeling for the city, or at least the part of the city around us. I can tell you my assumptions and fears have been debunked. This city is amazing. The people speak softer. No one hollers or harangues you. They walk slower. And while everyone is courteous and respectful of your personal space, there are no rigid rules (stay to the right!) just a relaxed way of life. If you stand in one spot with a look of doubt on your face for longer than a second or two, someone will stop and try to help you. If it turns out you don't need help, they might chat with you anyways.

You are expected to barter over the difference of a dollar for your cab fare. But not angrily. Just for fun. And absolutely every exchange of conversation is injected with a subtle sense of humor. To not do so is considered rude. But of course, when you find everyone smiling at you or your children and greeting one another pleasantly, I can't imagine having a bad day. Unless I just don't go out at all.

But what would be the fun in that?


Carole Knits said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are settling in and feeling so comfortable already. I noticed that the signs also have English translations and that must be really helpful, too. I can't wait to hear more!

mom said...

we are ready to book our flight. can hardly wait to see you. I knew you would settle in in less that 10 seconds. haha

Christie Medford said...

Thank you for letting me (us) in on this venture! It is so exciting and LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Phil and the boys, Phil just looks like he is so happy to have you all with him in a foreign land! It is just amazing.