Not Your Ordinary Date Night

An angel of mercy volunteered to watch the boys Friday night, which left the mister and I wondering what to do with our first night out in this wild city. Where would you begin?

We decided to walk the fine line between good and, er, the other stuff and hopped a Tuk-Tuk to the Patpong night market. Beer and street food were plentiful and cheap, so we strolled and ate, strolled and drank and as usual were surprised several times along the way.

We took one break at the farang oasis "Happy Beer Garden" and the mister made a new friend.

And as we walked through the market we were repeatedly offered a menu, of which the first few items completely boggled me-I never got past items one and two: ping pong, and shoot the balloon. The rest was probably even more confounding, but I never read that far down. Please DO NOT even try to enlighten me, I'd rather not think about it anymore!

We also walked down some roads with even shadier storefronts, advertising other sorts of entertainment, but like the ping pong, I'm sure their 'karaoke' wasn't the kind I was thinking of.

The night market was full of garbage and trinkets, but so colorful and vibrant that it was worth the trip. And after we were tired of the beer and walking, we stopped in a massage shop for the much-deserved Thai foot massage, at about 10 bucks for the two of us. Absolutely incredible.

Naughty street...shhhhhhh

Happy Beer Garden! All farang welcome!

Street food goooood.

Can we keep her?


momsky said...

good times