We Be Crazy

Oh oh oh. Where do I begin? I don't want to bore you with a long list of all the things we did this weekend. So lets stick to the times I used my camera. Which does not include making two different kinds of fudge on friday. I was also enjoying myself way too much with our friends friday night over pizza to snap a few shots. And our foray into crab-shack delicacies was just too messy to document. Delicious. But messy.
But saturday I did catch a few great moments. We donned some clover that I cut from pieces of felt. We glued some to Myles' harness. I glue-gunned some to a headband for myself. Then we stopped by Old Town Alexandria for some good irish fun.
If you love your dog, you will love Alexandria. They are a super pet-friendly city and hold dozens of pet-themed events, including fundraisers for rescue organizations. Before the St. Patrick's Day Parade on saturday they held a dog show at Market Square. Myles was in HEAVEN. He wagged, sniffed bum, played and pranced. And hopped. He has this habit of leaping three feet straight up when he sees a fellow canine. Pretty funny.
Then we ate outside at Thai restaurant. Yet another native Thai-speaker was impressed by my husband's language training. Oh, and of course the food was delish.

Isn't he handsome?

We'll get to sunday on a post all its own, as that single day we discovered a historic mill, drove all around northern virginia, learned how to eat hard shell crabs, and went shopping in one of the coolest antique stores I have EVER seen.


mom said...

what? Thai instead of corned beef and cabbage!