The Spoils of Another Fun Weekend

Things that made this weekend completely awesome:
1) Being together. Still hasn't grown old, after years of being apart and then almost a year together again. Its just amazing. And I know a few families who are going through the 'apart' so it makes me appreciate the 'together.'
2) Friends. Phil had friends in VA coming into this phase. I had maybe one. But I'm meeting some fantastic people, especially lately. And we've been lucky to have their company. I'm happy to be around such sweet genuine women.
3) Shopping-I don't like it very much, unless I successfully find exactly what I need. Which, in this case, was easter outfits for the boys, a killer red lip gloss (NARS in Norma), and a cool kitchy silver plate from the Old Lucketts Antique Store. Not exactly an antique, but I found this silver plate, a hunt trophy that is engraved "Spur & Stirrup 4-H 1980" among all the butter trays. It makes a neat little tray for my favorite pieces of jewelry, though I can't claim to have won it.


mom said...

well at least you do know how to ride a horse so you are not faking it