Some Things Change, Yet Stay the Same

Any warm night after dinner, when we still lived in Plymouth, we always cleaned up the kids and went for a walk. We took advantage of every last bit of sunlight. We stopped off somewhere for dessert. My two skinny little boys would relish a scoop of ice cream, or a sickly sweet popsicle. Sometimes we spent an insane amount of money (but really not that much) on a single cupcake at Cupcake Charlie's.
Here in Virginia we live around the corner from a great Vietnamese shopping center. The spring arrives a lot earlier. In force. So we clean up the kids, put away the dishes, and walk.
We stop to pose by a statue or two perhaps.

We stop in a market and manhandle some massive sticky buns. Wonder what "mung bean cookies" really taste like.

And for about the price of a cupcake, we get the kids each a "bubble tea." We have all become accustomed to the odd black tapioca pearls. I really wish they were blue or something...

But they are really REALLY yummy. Nate goes wild for the watermelon.

I go wild for that adorable smile.


mom said...

happy dance

Carole Knits said...

Hannah is a big fan of bubble tea!