Thankful Thursday

Before we go out and enjoy the sunshine, I want to thank my lucky stars for another blessing we've been granted: my sweet little Nate.

He's a bright spot in any day. A joker. A snuggler. He's one of those children who is so positive, so silly, so happy, that when he is NOT you know something is seriously wrong.

When he came into our lives, I remember wondering how I could possibly love another child as much as I loved Philip. Not that I used up all my love on our first, but that if I felt so much love. Twice. as. much. I thought I might burst from all that emotion.

And its true. I do. Sometimes I fall into tears because its so overwhelming. And they love me back just as much. Its such a gift. And little Nate? Well, he brings the laughter into our home. He's a wit. A goofball. And very often, a prankster.

With those dimples popping out all the time I swear I could just eat him up. Sometimes I just tackle him and we snugglefest. And those little giggles just light up my whole world.