Operation Dharma Drop

So it appears that life has taken an unexpected, pleasant turn for me. After a little wait period where my history and misdeeds get carefully examined, I will be going back to work. Just part time, mind you, but that is quite alright by me. Being able to spend the last three years nurturing and educating our two boys has been a great gift. But now its time. I've always been a worker bee.

Which means its time to pay it forward again. Being selected for  position over so many other qualified people is also a great gift. I'm glad the powers that be have faith in me. And for the past few weeks I've been coasting along on that great feeling that comes with accomplishing something you thought you could never do. So here I go back to sending some love and appreciation to the folks who have helped us along. Like the wonderful gem of a preschool that never complained that I was one of the first to drop off and one of the last to pick up. The people that understood I was going it alone a lot of the time. The people whose time I felt was precious, for the care they supplied my boys, and the foundation they provided them before we whisked them away.

Once upon a time we searched carefully for the right day care for our first child. Some were too cold and sterile, others too wishy-washy, one was downright dangerous. But we set foot in Tiny Town and knew we had found the place. Its one of the things we knew we would miss, and we certainly do. Last week I packed up and shipped off a Dharma Drop to them, including some cultural items and a long looong letter describing what it has been like here for the boys.  Just to let them know they were too good, too kind to be forgotten.