Krabi Thailand According to Nate (Part 2)

So, I left off when we got to Phranang Beach, right? Well, Frosty was there. I was mystified.
But then we walked a bit more, past slews of people hanging from the rocks on ropes.
Along the beach people were cooking food and making sandwiches.
In boats. I don't know if my pad thai would taste any better or worse from a boat, but I guess that's one way to sell food on a beach!

They also sold fruit and chips. Pretty nummy.

I still couldn't figure why we were here. Until I spotted them.

Monkey Alley. It was crazy! Dozens of monkeys playing along a wall. Babies too.
They were pretty silly, but Daddy wouldn't let me touch them. No fair.

For Dilp's bithday and some special occasion that made mommy and daddy kiss a lot we bought paper lanterns. If you lit them in the middle and waited a while they would float up HIGH in the air.

Mommy figured out the waiting part after she almost lit some people on the beach on fire with her low-flying lantern.



jen said...

i was waiting for part 2! awesome about the monkeys ... and whoops .. i'm sure mommy didn't mean to almost light people on fire!