Krabi, Thailand According to Nate (Part 1)

For this post, I'm going to hand it over to Nate. The boy wonder. Little explorer. And all-around serious little dude.
My parents like to surprise me. They do it a LOT. So I wasn't surprised too much when they woke me up Thursday morning and packed me onto a plane. This has all happened before. We go up. And in about an hour we come down. Just enough time for me to talk my mom into giving me a lollipop and a bunch of Pringles.
But then we drove off in a taxi to this strange beach with a pier and a dozen of these crazy longtail boats. They didn't have normal sized lifejackets, so Dad unpacked my favorite swimmies for me. Next thing I know we have gone from plane. to taxi. to boat. What could be next?
Nevermind. I don't care what you call this place, though Mom says its West Railay Beach, but it had THE SOFTEST sand you have ever felt. And you could wade into the water waaaaaay out and it didn't get above my neck! Dilp (this is what he calls his brother) was all about that beach.

Dilp would have to wait, because we walked across the 'island' to East Railay to find some good food to eat.

It was pretty windy.
But you could find anything you wanted to eat over there. And they had all these strange shops with wierd pipes and reggae music. I bobbed my head a few times, but it really wasn't my beat.

Back at West Railay was more my scene. No walkways, lots of sand, and plenty of space to run.

My shark liked it a lot too. You don't see him here, but Spiderman came along. He liked watching all the climbers going up those cliffs. So we sang his theme song a lot. Loudly.

Now back to that sand.

We found out where Frosty goes on his weekends off in the winter. Although it puzzled us for quite some time how he might have gotten here. Maybe the monkeys helped. But I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.


jen said...

adorable! love his perspective!

Noelle said...

so cute!!