My Life Lately Via Instagram

My efforts as a kindergarten mum (or year one here) tend to be hit or miss. Sometimes I am supermom, the one all his classmates know by name, and exclaim with glee "Here comes Miss Heather!" when I'm around. Other times I miss the mark, like on Sports Day when we arrived to find our son was the only one not wearing the requisite t-shirt. I did NOT get that memo. Or Christmas, where the classmate gifts just kept rolling in.

Well, if all the tots exchanged valentines and candy on Valentine's Day in day care back in the US, I assumed they would celebrate it here in Y1. Uh, nope. Bought these cool wands that light up, printed a catchy valentine message, tied with a sweet ribbon.  Philip was the ONLY kid in his class who handed out valentines. I should have known better. But with my luck, Easter will be HUGE. Go figure..

Nate got a special bike. It doesn't have pedals and it doesn't go too fast, but he loves it.

He also loves face-painting. Which is done here at nearly every party and celebration. This is him patiently waiting to be a puppy. Which he carefully selected.

 Philip is trying out Tae Kwon Do. Its nothing too serious. Just some good old fashioned throwing punches and tumbling. We'll have to balance it out with some music lessons or something...

Maori performers from the New Zealand Gala. There was a life-size cardboard sheep in the backdrop, but I think he was on the dance floor by this time.

We accompanied Daddy on a working weekend to Pattaya. The beach was not to my liking, but the hotel was fantastic. Nate and I had smoothies at the pool bar, which the boys both thought was wicked cool.

I got some rest, relaxation, and knitting. Daddy got food-poisoning.


momsky said...

oh no what did daddy eat?

momsky said...

okay, i was your class mother once and there was this other mother who was sooo competitive that she alway showed up before me fully equipped . you know who i'm talking about .oh yes her kid gave you head lice too and yes he gave it to the whole class. haha