This Happened

I see that we have a lot to catch up on. I wanted to. Buut. The events in Connecticut hit all of us hard, and I wasn't feeling chatty. Each day since the shooting I am so much more aware of how beautiful my boys' smiles are, how amazing their little hands feel when they are holding mine as we walk down the street, and what an amazing gift each little life is to all of us. All children. Mine, yours, strangers, it is no difference to me right now. There is just such a feeling of loss, and sorrow for those people who will never laugh with theirs again.

So I'll keep it simple and plain. This is what happened.

Twice a year the Embassy holds an award ceremony.
We all went.

This happened.
At last.

Someone met Santa. And liked him.

Someone brought this tasty snack over our house.
We thought it only fitting to share it with others.

And then this happened.
This too.
Yes it did.

We also went for a walk around town to see the Christmas lights. And came upon a rock concert.
So, of course, this happened.

Spontaneous dancing, like only kids can do.


jen said...

Ha! Love all that happened .. especially the dancing! Congrats to Phil on his awards!