A Perfect Day

Some days just turn out to be perfect. Some days you might just wake up and say "lets go to a park." And on a day like that you might take a taxi to Rotfi Park, somewhere out by Chatuchak Market. When you get there, you might spend 80 baht to rent a few bikes for the day, because if you follow the trail of people when you arrive, you might discover them all at a bike rental stand.
On a perfect sort of day, you might find yourself doing something you hadn't expected. Like riding bicycles through a gorgeous park where you are the only farang family around. You might spend less than three dollars to pedal around and enjoy a slight breeze. And your toddler might grin from ear to ear at the sensation of such speed.
There might be dozens of teenagers riding around you in groups, smiling and calling "hey boy!" to your five year old when he rushes ahead. And try as you might to get him to slow down, he may not want to.
He may want to ride around the park three or four times, in fact. Now that would be a perfect day.

On a perfect day, you might be delighted to discover a butterfly sanctuary in that park. Free. How perfect would that be? You might watch your boys marvel at the bright butterflies swooping around them. You might have so much fun without hardly spending a dime. And you didn't even plan any of this at all. It just turned out to be totally perfect.


momsky said...

looks like fun, can we take the boys when we visit?