Thankful Thursday; Dharma Drop Edition Part 2

I'm getting better about sending these out now-for a few months I was getting a bit lazy. Or I wanted to keep the goods for myself. But that's not the point of the Dharma Drop, is it.
This one goes out to some good friends of ours, and it includes a silkscreen print on thai silk that is supposed to bring the bearer wealth and prosperity. And a whole bunch of thai snacks guaranteed to delight and surprise them. Because it may say "Extra Barbeque Flavor", but it still tastes like seaweed and fish to me! haha.
I would have something interesting to say right now, except I just spent the past two hours painting props for my son's sixth birthday party, and talking out loud to myself. Does anyone else do that?
So instead, I leave you with this adorable shot of Natester last night at the celebration of the King's Birthday at Benjakiti Park. We had a wonderful, but quiet time. There was a candlelight ceremony, music and dance, and lots of fireworks.
And dese wabbits.


jen said...

ooo ... i like those rabbits!