Yeah it was my birthday...

But that was last week. And just now I finally get to re-appropriate the camera from one of our baby bags so I can show my brag-worthy knit gifts. See what baby on the brain can do?

Blogless Sharon came back from SPA with more than just some good stories. She came back with gifties for her little girl! On the left (in my favorite colors) is 220yds times two of single strand from Judy and on the right we have merino/nylon sock yarn in raspberry beret from Kim. Does this mean some sock knitting on size 1's are in my near future? We shall see. I'm exploring my options.

I had a dream last night that I knit Monica's Sand River scarf, if that's any indicator. Does anyone else actually dream of their projects beforehand? This is becoming normal for me over the last year- as I get close to finishing one project another one seems to assemble itself in my dreams. What do you dream of?