Thanks to Britt for the wonderful idea, but I have thought about my Manifesto all weekend, and couldn't come up with much! Is it too much baby on the brain? I feel like lately all I have to say revolves around diapers and breastfeeding, so its time to branch out a little. So that would be the first item of my personal manifesto:

I will strive to be strong in mind, body, and spirit (even though I’m not always certain what ‘spirit’ encompasses).
I will always try to grow personally by taking risks, seeking adventure and new experiences, and learning new hobbies. I will embrace difference kinds of music, food, and culture with an open mind.
I will take good care of the body given me.
I will not live to eat. I will eat to live. (With the exception of my favorite edibles: red wine, sushi, chocolate, red licorice, and Momma Nonna’s stuffed peppers).

I will try to knit those lovely sweaters for my boys that will be cherished forever. For some time now, I have been doing this all for myself, so its about time...
I will not have a stash. I will buy only what I need. (Yeah, right)

Life In General:

I will not be one of those obsessive parents who swears her kids are the cutest, smartest, etc. But you still may have to listen to ..just...a...little...bragging... Just nod your head and say uh-huh.
I will continue to give people the benefit of the doubt, even though my husband thinks I am too affable, trusting and easygoing.
I will always appreciate my husband for his wit, wisdom, and the strength he provides me. What I love about him is that he is not always an open book, but the lessons I learn from him reveal themselves over time and really help me cope with things as they come my way.
I will always secretly dream of joining the army. Why do the guys get all the guts and glory anways?
I will no longer compromise all the time-and this is an addition after a bizarre family episode last night which I won't go into here-but will try to make a stand against the things that I feel are wrong. I will stand true to my principles. I will no longer look the other way.
I will always remember my education, and the amazing experiences gained (especially at my high school, Dana Hall.) Years later, I can still feel the support and nurturing from that old institution...
I will lead a life of diligent work and disciplined lifestyle-in other words, I will get up every morning and set out to accomplish something, even if its just spending time with my son in some sort of activity, or doing chores around the house. With the exception of Christmas morning and those rare snow days, I will get up early with the sun, get dressed and get on my way. I will not waste precious time sitting in front of the TV or computer.

I certainly do not intend to insult anyone with these statements, so please do not take offense.


pigbook1 said...

thank you so much! I can't take the credit for the idea I got it from Material Mama (podcast)
I love the whole thing but the two things that stood out to me are the parental bragging thing. You are allowed to brag all you want (in fact I can't wait to read some braggyness*britt's made up word for the day*) but I think you make a good point by being realistic. I also love that you give people the benefit of the doubt.

Carole Knits said...

Seems like great principals to live by.

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Anonymous said...

very inspirational