Spring Misgivings

Mom & Dad's landscaping crew hard at work:
I will not hate myself. I pledge to love myself the way I am, and take good care of myself. I will not be obsessed with losing weight, or fitting back into last year's denim mini.

March 20th will mark the first day of Spring, a season that I am very fond of because in the past it has meant flounder fishing, maple syrup collecting, and spring lambs. It also marks a period of self-loathing that begins when I spot the first skinny college girls down at the waterfront in their cute little spring outfits. Being a 30-something isn't that bad, but it is hard to face the fact that I will never be a little chickadee again. And I'm sick-I think about it every year.
Luckily, I have my Dad. Being a physician, outdoorsman, and all around down-to-earth guy he is fantastic to talk to about health, fitness, and general well-being. Last weekend we talked about the importance of good nutrition, and treating one's body well. He brought me back to reality: it doesn't matter if we look anything like celebrities or the models from our favorite magazines. It is important, however, to keep in shape and make sure we are in the best of health for the years to come. Looking back, I'm pretty sure we have this chat every spring. It helps.
So I will not stress about fitting into my swimsuit, or foolishly consider tanning. I will, however, keep that bowl on the kitchen table brimming with fruit. And do my 45 minutes of cardio. And love myself just the way I am.
And for a bit of knitting eye-candy, the Kaia sweater my mother (AKA Blogless Sharon) knit for the little guy:


Carole Knits said...

Cardio is good. And your dad is very wise. That's why he's my doctor.

Jen L. said...

I LOVE the hat!!!

JessaLu said...

What a cute sweater!!

You wanna talk weight? When I met RR I wore a size 6. I no longer wear a six. I'm now doing an hour of cardio four times a week and watching what I eat so I can maybe fit into a 10 before I die. However, I am healthier since I no longer smoke - now I just need to stop being as addicted to food as I was cigs ;o)

blogless sharon said...

your dad is the most down to earth person I know and soo geniune. I guess that's why weve been married for 33 years. can you feel the love?

Bethany said...

I am also a 30-something mourning the fact that I will not be a chickadee by spring-- so much so that I have been foolishly considering tanning!

Eh-- when you're carrying a cute baby, no one notices you anyway-- even moreso when the baby's in hand-knits!