Cookie Mojo

You're looking at my attempt at cookie magic. Look closely at these cookies and you will see them dotted with tropical fishies...

Islamorada is proclaimed to be the sportfishing capital of the US. I bring this up because lately it has been proposed as the destination of the next in-law family vacation. Color me psyched. Four or five years ago I was obsessed with fishing!
I've had to find excuses to miss the last three family vacations because they kept going to the same spot: Disney. Now I won't go into any great explanation about why I detest Disney, because I know a lot of lovers of the place. But what I can say is that they have somehow discovered my most beloved place on earth and turned it into an amusement park hotel. Behold Portofino, Disney-style:

Portofino is the kind of place that is so small and so off the beaten path that it has become an very exclusive getaway for italian gentlemen and their uber-young mistresses. I loved it, but unfortunately cannot afford to skip off to $500/night vacations all the time, so it will have to live on in my memory. The genuine article:



Karen said...

Islamorada is where Pea and I spent the second half of our honeymoon. I hope the cookie mojo works and the family vacation is booked there!!! :)

Kathy said...

I'm with you on Disney -- too much pressure to be the smiling happy family :-)

JessaLu said...

The only thing I didn't like about Disney was the presence of Roger's sister. Totally ruined it for me (and Roger and Dobby). ;o)

I hope your vacation plans work out!