Somewhere Along the Way

Somewhere along the way we started really enjoying the solitude. We enjoyed just being together.
In the beginning, it might have been after a meal or two, we decided to pack away the "devices." You know. The iPads, Nintendos, handhelds, etc. It was far too beautiful a trip to be spent staring at your lap. The company was far too good. And the amazing thing? We didn't miss the iAnythings at all. We talked to each other.
 When the kids asked questions, we simply answered. And discussed. It was the best ever.

Somewhere along the way we loved just being together.
People did survive without those things, you know.
We camped on the water outside Queenstown, and rode the gondola to get a birds-eye view. The boys bought silly trinkets for their treasure boxes back home. They went crazy over stones and sticks, like boys should. We played on the banks of a creek, and then collected ourselves (and our clothes) to go have dinner back in the RV.

We woke and drove on, through fields of sheep, giant dams, and majestic hills. The roads were never direct. They were never crowded either.
Sometimes we pulled off the road to a riverbank, and the boys would throw stones while I heated soup and made sandwiches for lunch. And after, we would eat an apple or nectarine from the carton we had bought at a roadside stand. Doesn't that just sound like heaven?

If you spend 99% of the year in downtown Bangkok, it sure does.