Late Post: Visiting Ancient Ayuttaya

Lets talk about adventures. Holidays. Family.
Somehow the last few months have flown by.
It might have been because they were some of the happiest weeks of my life.
That's probably it.

Before I jump into our December adventures, I still want to look back and savor the time with my parents. If you've met my folks, you know how incredible they are. If you haven't, I would certainly introduce you to them: they are intrepid, active in body, curious in mind, and open-minded. In other words, they were perfect visitors to Thailand.

They ate like locals, ventured out through the city on their own whenever they could, and asked our nanny a zillion questions (which to her was a huge compliment). They even managed to gain an invite to her home out in the country, near ancient Ayuttaya, which I am just slightly jealous since it took her almost six months to invite US.

When you go somewhere amazing, and wish your family could see it through your ideas-that would be me. And this one time I was thrilled that my parents could. Because they do see it all; the flavors, the people, the culture. Nothing escapes my sharp parents..I just love them so much!
After stopping by Kookai's house and getting a tour of the banana farm, a lesson on making traditional noodle soup, and meeting her family, we hopped in our rented van and strolled through the remains of Ancient Ayuttaya. Its one of my favorite parts of Thailand because nothing is roped off, you are literally walking through history.
So there you have it. Its a little hard to look back, now that my parents are gone. We miss them so much. Kookai still talks about my Dad. And our friends thought my mom was the beans. Its true, all true. And hopefully we will be able to share with them another amazing corner of the Earth someday.
Or not. Whether its back in our hometown, or on some african safari, I'm just so happy to have such a wonderful, supportive family. And parents that raised me to have such a sense of curiosity, and adventure. Cheers to them!


momsky said...

Thank you. It was the most amazing trip. The Thais are lovely. We miss you and the boys and were so blessed to be able to visit. Give everyone a hug including Kookai