Thankful Thursday; Dharma Drop Edition

When I first came up with the idea of surprising family and friends back home with a Buddha, it began with a short list of people. People who were thoughtful, yet quirky enough to get a chuckle from it. The list started to grow after we arrived in Bangkok, and in hindsight I wanted to thank so many people who had shown us kindness over the years, or extended a hand of help, or performed a random act of kindness. The friends out in Washington State who let us take over their lives for a week, the neighbors who quickly became part of our family, the best friends who NEVER forget a birthday, the list goes and goes....
After all, its easier to remember those who have wronged or slighted us. However, its just my nature to think more about the people who have brought happiness to me. Its how I survive. The small things, no matter how small, have made all the difference. Sometimes I feel like a dope when I say something kind about someone, and am told "I can't believe you are so nice, after what she/he did/said" and to be totally honest I probably forgot. The bad stuff always gets shelved in the back of my mind and forgotten, but the good stuff? I like to think back on it all the time. That box of veggies that used to mysteriously appear on my doorstep or the day I discovered someone had powerwashed the crud off my deck? Still reliving those days.
All. the. time.
So here I am, on Dharma Drop number eight or nine, and have made barely a dent in my list of future recipients. So for all the people who have been so kind I am deeply thankful. I'm thankful that at my age the list of people I still owe a hug or favor is big, really big. And I really really hope I get to repay everyone on that list someway, somehow. And trust me, there is little chance I'm going to leave anyone out, though it make take years.
Take this week, for instance. I'm sending an elephant teapot to this woman who has a vast collection in her restaurant. We moved to a little seaside community some time ago, and parked our butts in her breakfast shop one sunday and became dear friends. She sincerely cared for us and our family, was always there to lift our spirits and offer help. And was just a genuine good person, a bright spot when times were dark. So this one goes to her, so she may know we have not forgotten her caring nature.


momsky said...

Ha,Ha she will be tickled pink. or tickled Dharm

jen said...

this is such a sweet post. i hope the world reads it! heather you are a wonderful person. hope you know that!