Happy Birthday To the US Marine Corps

Also subtitled "My Dress Drama" which wasn't exactly a drama, but more a learning experience. I have to admit that a year ago a few DS wives who had been posted overseas introduced me to the nearly worldwide Embassy event of the Marine Corps birthday ball, and ever since I had been overjoyed and eagerly anticipating it. I absolutely adore dressing up (hate makeup) and wearing beautiful things, and I also love showing off my handsome arm candy of a husband. He, being the wonderful man that he is, also has no objection to dancing the night away with me and good friends!

Add to that the possibility of having clothes custom-made for us in this amazing city? I was lost, totally and hopelessly lost, to the chance of having my dream gown made. Just for moi. So as soon as we settled in, I started looking for a dressmaker. And when I found her, I began the uncomfortable dealings of negotiating price, design, and fabric with her and settled on this:
Okay, so maybe I am no Kate Beckinsale, but I've been running my sweet ass off nearly five times a week in this crazy humidity and heat, and I wasn't afraid to show off. The only problem was that Miss Dressmaker might have misunderstood my request to cover up an old shoulder tattoo.
Because somehow I ended up with this:
And the back looked very stiff and bridal partyish like this:
So, I smilingly paid for the gown, took it home, cried like a baby, and then bought a cheap backup dress. Silly, I know. But somehow "vavavavoom" had translated into something completely frumpalicious. And I am TERRIBLE about asking things to be changed. And Miss Dressmaker was so visibly delighted with her work that I couldn't possibly bring it back and go all farang on her.
So I took matters into my own hands.
But not right away.
The prospect of taking scissors to an expensive dress made me feel ill, so I did put it off for almost a week. Until the day of the Ball, to be honest. So around the time other attendees were getting their hair done and getting their nails polished, I was staring at the inner workings of a formal gown, chewing on my lip, and praying I didn't screw up too badly.
Long story short, I removed the "poof", took in the bunchy breast, and rid the dress of its awful bridesmaid back by making it come down in a nice 'v.' And then our amazing nanny took one look at it, and stated that I need some kind of pin and accent to finish the look, and she was completely right. Lo and behold, I happened to have some old thrift-store brooch that was perfect.
And there you have it. A beautiful evening, with wonderful people, and our superb Marines. I'm already looking forward to next year.
Perhaps I might buy something off the rack next time.


Carole Knits said...

I love the color and the little swoop of the train. Good for you for fixing to you liking, looks like you all had a wonderful time.

momsky said...

please don't,get the same dresmaker then refit it. you two look like a million bucks. go marines

jen said...

you look like a mermaid in the pic with all the guys. so pretty!