Operation Dharma Drop: The Hand Version

I used to be a huge fan of East Asian art. Long long ago, to be honest.  On free-student-wednesdays I used to stop by the exhibit they had at the Museum of Fina Arts. What a beautiful place! But I can remember how I loved looking at different interpretations of Buddha and jotting down what I felt. My favorites were (of course) the soft, sensual androgynous depictions-the eyes that didn't need to be wide open to see, limbs that didn't need muscles to support, raiment that fell so casually into perfection. I found it all extremely evocative, one of the perfect examples of art projecting a message without saying a single word. (I am all force and fire, so it was calming to me.)

In the temples here, most Buddhas sitting are positioned with their hands meeting lightly on their laps, or in some cases one hand is directed towards the ground. There are meanings to the position of Buddha's hands (called mudra), whether it is a reminder of his commitment to achieving the truth or enlightenment, protection, or simply meditation and seeking a connection with one's spirituality. So, with all that meaning just in his fingertips, its no surprise you can find a hand in every souvenir stand in Bangkok.

In particular the mudra of blessing is very popular, and when I was seeking the right Buddha for my next Drop, it came to mind. The person I am sending it to deserves a blessing or boon, even though he is already rich in so many ways; talented, beautiful family, wonderful personality. He's a person who has always been there for me, keeps his promises, and is a perfect example of perseverance and hard work. So I'm sending him and his family blessings from Bangkok. It would be a blessing for the rest of us if there were more people in the world like him.