A Walk in the Park

Last week we said farewell to my husband for almost a month. I can't complain, because I know some dear friends persevering through much worse. However, the last year spoiled us real good with all that wonderful togetherness. I can't wait to get it back again.
Sunday I wanted to get the boys out and about, partly to stretch our legs, and partly to stop my overthinking things and clear my head.
So we hopped the BTS to Asok Station and walked down to Benjakiti Park (not to be confused with Benjasiri!) because I was curious about how safe, clean, and comfortable it might be for future running. The park was quiet. Clean. And very closely patrolled.
The view was peaceful, even though it was in the heart of a city.
The boys brought bread to feed the fish. We picked flowers. And then threw them.
The grounds crew stopped their work for lunch, and in the shade one of them picked up some beautiful kind of string instrument and began to play.
There were swan boats, which I promised we would try when their daddy came back.
Eventually the mid-day heat drove us back home.