DIY: Hearts on Your Sleeve

Its not February yet, I know, but I've been REALLY yearning for one of those sweaters with heart patches on the elbows. Thank you, Pinterest! This would be a really cute valentine's day project to spruce up an old sweater or pair of jeans or maybe even a skirt.
Once I had all the supplies I needed, I couldn't put this project down. And once it was done, I wore it all weekend. The hubs knows what I'm like when I get my mind set on a project, so he didn't tease me at all. Not when I wore it to the Zoo saturday night. And again, when I couldn't help but wear it when we went out for pho. But I might wear it again today. Or tomorrow. Or as long as it takes until another living person says, "wow, where did you get that adorable sweater?!" Because the hearts make it scrumptious and slightly silly.
Step One, get yo' self a warm sweater that is not baggy in the sleeves. I picked up this wool sweater at Unique for five bucks. Point to Heather for being thrifty, yeah!
Step Two, pick a pretty color of corduroy fabric. Even better if you can find it in the remnant bin at your fabric store, because you only need a little-less than 1/8 of a yard (unless you have vrrrry big elbows). Cut two identical hearts in the proportion you like, and apply Fray Check to the edges. This was my first time cheating with the stuff, so I was a little heavy-handed. Oh well, live and learn.
Step Three, pin onto sleeves and stitch with a tapestry needle and matching embroidery thread. Mine didn't exactly match, but I used large stitches so it looks like it's supposed to be that way. Okay? Just humor me.
Saturday night we packed up the kids and took the train to the National Zoo for ZooLights, braving the weather and about a hundred drunken santas-seriously D.C.?
There were gorgeous holiday lights, and iceless skating rink, gingerbread barns, carollers, and a train display. Happy kids-see those adorable dimples? I took off my coat for a gratuitous sweater pic, that's how much I love this DIY. Now I must go, and pin my own project. Yay me.