Rosettes and Other Tutorials

The internet is a great thing if you get the crafty urge and don't want to leave the house on a rainy day. Say you scrounge around your house and college some scrap fabric, a box of toothpicks, and a ball of lint? Simply go online and ask what you can make with this, and I bet you that ball of lint there would be a dozen tutorials out there, maybe by bloggernuts like me.

Well, I had that need last week, so with nothing but a glue gun and some scraps, I went on a rosettathon. Here's a few:

I have a niece who is cccrrrrrrrrazy about headbands, so that may be the direction those go. Either way, it took basically no skill. If you'd like to try I found a great tutorial here:
Next on the drawing board, while I avoid my first quilt for a few days, is some seaglass art. The beach is just a few minutes away, so once a week I take Myles the happy dog for a walk so I can scan the beach for sea glass. This week I even found a little piece of broken pottery (the blue shard). We head home after an hour, my fingers frozen but pockets full. I bet there are a million tutorials on sea glass ideas....any suggestions?