Color Me Amazed

Hmm....Isn't technology terrific? So now I can do anything from my little cell phone; surf the internet, pay bills, navigate to Mars. Last week I decided it was high time to upgrade my phone, and when I checked my contract, lo and behold, it could have been done back in......2006. Shame on me.

So a week later this nifty little shiny black contraption is in my hands. And its shiny, and swirly, and makes funny sounds. And has moving graphic and pictures. And I am vvvvvery scared. So I stare at it for a few minutes, and then put it away for a few days. Not ready to commit just yet. (I have the same problem with my knitting projects, and every book of patterns currently in my posession)

But after a weekend of cautious 'getting to know one another', I'm sending photo messages to my hon, and WIP's to my email account. I'm saving personal pictures as my 'wallpaper' and poking in on my favorite websites over lunchbreak. And duble-checking the weather and tides before walking to the beach! And wondering if perhaps I should have scrapped the old digital camera, and spent a little extra for a phone with better pixels or whatchamacallits.

Well, anywhoooo, here's a fuzzy photo of my fuzzy Wedgewood Blouse, from Interweave Knits. I carefully checked the gage before beginning, but I believe its going to be very 'blousy,' and that seems to be the overall design. So that should be kinda sexy/cool with some superskinny jeans this fall. And its in ultra alpaca, so the yoke work will be softer and fuzzier, which I like much more than crisp cables and such. Those seem very old ladyish to me lately, and I'm favorite things that are soft and romantic. It goes along with the crazy long wavy hair that I'm struggling with, but more on that lata'