Beauty and the Beach

So, to play a little catch up, I collected a few pictures of the projects finished in the last few months.
First is the Kai sweater I made for Miss Dina's baby shower gift, as I love love LOVED the one my mom made for us. I deviated from the pattern just a scootch, and left the collar a little more open by creating a split in the front. My version, unlike my mom's, was way too tight around the neck, and babies aren't fond of that! I'm still worried about how closed it was at the neck, but we'll have to see.

I don't remember the yarn, but maybe it will come to me, but the pattern I believe, is from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding. A fantastic book, one of the few that I have knit several objects from, and I will most likely go back to it again and again. Thanks for lending it, Momsky!
Second is a little set I created without a pattern, just because I loved the soft blue of this Lorna's Laces bulky. My husband thought it might look a bit girlie, so I added a few stripes on one sleeve to make it sportier. The hat was just because LBB looks so darn cute in accessories...
So we set off for the great holiday weekend, which begins with a bang on the 3rd down on our beach, with wild bonfires and a great display of fireworks. I usually spend the night keeping cityfolk from parking on my lawn and discarding their trash in our pretty little neighborhood. Its not fun, but at least the police shoo them away at a decent hour. I get the added bonus of a fresh supply of sea glass to hunt down and collect, after all their fun & games are over. Thanks tourists!


blogless sharon said...

nice sweater, not at all girly. have a nice 4th