What Does The Bear Say?

The bear says "Happy Birthday, P" of course. And then our happy campers tie-dyed shirts, shot arrows at a target, ate trail mix, and did all those things that little campers do. That is how we celebrated a 7th birthday. We kept it small this time too. A mom could go crazy thrying to throw monstrous birthday bashes every year, so I asked myself what would make my little man happy and felt that he would love just a day of fun with some close friends.

The snacks: a make-your-own trail mix bar
We threw in a man in a bear costume, just because.

I'll nap right here mom.
He read a story by the "campfire."

Party favors.

The boys played in temporary tents that we made for the occasion. Which we later dismantled, much to their disappointment. There may be a teepee in our future.

That bear didn't stand a chance.

My kids have the most fantastic dad ever.


momsky said...

so much fun, wish we could have been there. happy birthday my love

tiffany said...

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