The Lessons from Phraya Nakhorn Cave

Just a few hours from Bangkok is the bustling seaside resort town of Hua Hin. Cleaner than Pattaya, but more developed than island retreats, its not a bad weekend getaway with kids. We've been there, in fact, twice.
The second time, we decided to wander south a bit in search of a scenic overlook or vineyard-whichever we found first. Meandering south, past a few smaller beach towns and farmland, we came  to this beach/market/cove which supposedly was the starting point to a lovely hike and cave.
So after a short lunch break here:
We bought a ticket and followed the people around us as they waded into the water and clambered into longtail boats that were rapidly shuttling people back and forth. After landing on a GORGEOUS beach, we climbed and climbed and treacherous path until we ended up here:
The whole time I was amazed by my boys and how excited they were to push on, how fearless they were at any height, and how full of wonder they were the whole day. I'm full of hope for them, that they will never lose the hunger to explore. I hope they never lose the ability to marvel at nature or the beauty around them.
I hope they never lose confidence in themselves. Because they are full of incredible abilities. It is only a matter of if they choose to use them.
I hope they stay close, love one another. My boys are so different from each other that their personalities complement each other. They play together, read together, and whether they realize it or not they really do work together.
I hope they never lose sight of the little things, or become blinded by success or failure. If they become wildly successful in life, love or business, I hope they remember to be humble.
To take time to wiggle their toes in the sand or collect a perfect white seashell. To remember the best gift may not be a shiny new car,  but a perfect unblemished day with the ones they love the most.

I hope they never forget to laugh at themselves.

I hope they know that no matter where they go, what they become, or what they do I will always always love them. And even should they disappoint me or disobey me, they will never risk losing my love. Never.