Operation Dharma Drop

Its been AT LEAST a month since I've sent out a Buddha. Seriously, it is time to put on my A-game and resume what I set out to do! So here is the sixth installation of Operation Dharma Drop, going out to some friends back home. I especially love the amulets of Ganesh and Buddha, and think we will have to make our way back to the amulet market sometime to pick up some more.

Life in Bangkok has been enjoyable this October, as the flooding of previous years has not returned. There seems to be a huge amount of tourism, especially for October when weather usually isn't very good. We've had a lot of time with the boys this week, since school is closed for vacation, and have had fun going back to Chatuchak Market for Christmas shopping, hitting the street vendors for delicious food, and a trip back to Siam Ocean World so we could share it with my husband finally!

I think what we like most about this aquarium is how it is really geared for the younger crowd. Not heavy on information, but big on impact when it comes to interesting animals and mind-boggling exhibits. I mean, this sucker is in the BASEMENT of a mall, and has one of those aquariums you walk beneath and watch all the sharks gliding over your head. They have penguins of course, and a 'spa' where you can get your feet nibbled on by tiiiiny little fishies. I haven't tried it because the people participating don't look too thrilled, nor relaxed by the experience. Might be from the hoards of children ogling them and flinging popcorn as they walk by, I dunno.

I am just happy that when we give the boys a choice of what they would like to do, this is what they pick. I couldn't care less about the exhibits, but really enjoy seeing the wonder on their faces. They really are the light of my life!