Another Buddha Hits the Road

My apologies if this one isn't shown in great detail, but I don't want to give away who the recipient(s) shall be! But we made a special trip last weekend to Chatuchak Market to fill this Buddha box, and I really enjoyed selecting odds and ends to fill it. All of it overseen by the serene face of Buddha, whose hint of a smile even reminds me of the person I am sending it to this week. But stay tuned, maybe at some point I should share with you who I keep sending these Dharma Drops to, and gather a few of their responses to share. What do you think?

I think I should share some Awesome and Awkward Moments of the past week. Since there are always a lot to pick from:


1. I look forward to Mondays, no, I LOVE Mondays now because our housekeeper/nanny/cook comes back on Mondays, and her cooking is PHENOMENAL.

2. There is the possibility that we may adopt while we are here. It is one of my heart's deepest desires. I can barely type it, for fear its not possible. But it may be.


1. Taking a little stroll down Soi 9 1/2 or something and finding ourselves in a mini Soi Cowboy situ. Ladyboys. Yes, ladyboys flirting with our little boys. Kept our cool and kept on going.....

Its starts out nice, with a few restaurants and bars. but next thing ya know.....

2. I keep trying to pay the gardener, but he keeps bringing my money back! I don't speak Thai, so I don't know why. When I ask the other residents what his pay plan is, they really don't know either. But I feel foolish anyways.

3. So, I have a job interview tomorrow. Great great great, except all but a few casual outfits of mine aren't going to arrive here for quite some time. I could get a suit made in two days, but I'm out of time. So I am going to stride into that interview dressed in nothing but my self confidence. har har.


Carole Knits said...

That is one cool looking Buddha. Is Phil ever around when the gardener is there? You could get him to ask him what's up with the money situation. You will rock the interview, I'm sure of it!

mom said...

good luck baby. rock that interview

jen said...

maybe the gardner is waiting to bill you when he's all done? lol!