A Five Dolla' Makeover

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know what a window-shopping addict I am when it comes to clothes. I luuuurv clothing, but most kinds of shopping I hate. Can't stand malls, megastores, and department stores. I swear, clerks run away from me in department stores, I do not know why.

What I DO love is unique clothing, things not everyone can afford (of course), and things I make myself. So when I saw distressed denim cutoffs with lace here and here I went gaga for them. So I grabbed a pair of jeans in my closet that are inexplicably too large all of a sudden (how did that happen??) and about five dollars worth of wedding trim from the local fabric store.

First, I carefully marked how short I wanted these cutoffs to be-no sense wasting a good pair of jeans by cutting them distastefully short! Then, snip snip.

I washed the jeans to get the edges frayed nicely. Then arranged the lace the way I liked it and the outer left and right, and pinned it into place.

It took a while, but with some white thread I handstitched around the lace to ensure it stayed in place. All those loopyloos, but the more it progressed the more I loved these, so I finished it in an hour.

Finished, and I absolutely love them. Just in time to move to Thailand too!


Carole Knits said...

Wicked cute! (I'm saying "wicked" on purpose so you don't forget your Massachusetts roots!)

mom said...