Ten on Tuesday

I usually don't participate in these, but after reading Carole's list of Ten Favorite Things to Do Outside I wanted to think about summier weather and make my own:

1. Seaglass Hunting. Its an addiction, I admit. But the charm of holding seaglass in your hand, or spotting a bright blue shard in the rocks is greater than precious jewelry to me. Jewelry just means you hand over your credit card. whoopee. Seaglass is something rare, a discovery.

2. Ice cream. Not for me, actually. But taking the kids for ice cream. I love it, don't misunderstand, but I love being skinny much more. That doesn't mean my boys should be deprived, and what kid doesn't have special memories of going to the ice cream stand, picking their favorite flavor, and getting handed a dripping cone?

3. The deck. Our has a limited view of the ocean, but you can always hear the waves. I love planting pots of scented geraniums on our deck, decorating it with colorful lanterns and cushions, reading out there, making a spritzer or cocktail and 'lounging'. Who doesn't love lounging? That brings me to 4.

4. GRILLING. Yeah this one deserves all caps. Need I say more.

5. Shopping. Thank you to the clever people who are designing shopping areas that are open, like Wrentham, Hingham, etc. Walking is good for you, people! So park in the farthest area of the lot and WALK.

6. Gossip. There is something about my neighborhood in the spring-you can't check your mail without bumping into a friendly neighbor. I love it. It feels like the hibernation is over and we all linger out front, catching up on the good, the bad, and the drunkies. heh heh.

7. Soccer momming. Yup I just made a word up. But its my blog and I throw spellcheck and grammar to the wind! Phooey! Soccer momming is the act of signing your tots up for a sport even though they don't have the slightest interest or clue in coordination or organized sports. This way you again, get out of hibernation, and socialize with other parents. I love it.

8. Weeds. I can now take my compulsive behavior out on the lawn. Going outside means I can take a spray bottle of weed zapper and wage war against dandelions. Unfortunately, this means my yard is scarred with dead dandelion pimples, but it felt good.

9. Sunroof! Yes folks, now you can all hear me singing Lady Gaga or having an argument with myself! Its fun to broadcast my craziness through an open sunroof on a sunny day drive. Is this really outside if I'm in a car? Who cares. My blog.

10. The Beach. Its only a 10 minute walk away from my house, so I'm there in the sun, the rain, the fog, and of course on many holidays. Ah memories.


Nichole said...

Love your #1 - that's one thing I miss about my hometown!

dianne said...

Great list! I loved hunting for seaglass when I was a kid. I must make it to the beach this year! I don't think my kids even know what seaglass is... Hmmm... Day trip #1 is now planned. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Some day I hope to look for seaglass too. Nice list.

Mary said...

ok, if I lived that close to the beach...I would've been all over this ten list! love it! (and I kind of miss my own soccer momming days... yes, outside was fun then!)

Annie said...

Someday I'll get to pick sea glass. We are a mere 1500 miles from the ocean!