That might have been the sound my television made at 2AM on thursday before it died a not-so-glorious death. I'm not exactly sure because I was too busy huddled on the floor in the center of my living room with a frightened infant and a cowering dog trying to climb into my lap at the same time. We had a freak lightning storm that night, which knocked out the power at our house, and filled it instead with creepy flashes of light.

At that moment it occured to me that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" type of halloween decorations we had picked up at HomeGoods were not the best choice.

Things I enjoyed during a weekend of no TV:
Depending on the good ol' radio for ambient noise
Staying up late for stimulating conversation rather than late night comedy
Facing the other people in the room with you, rather than straight ahead at the tube

I'm also brainstorming a little knitting project-nothing has quite grabbed me yet for my next project, so I'm going to play with some gorgeous sportweight from Foxfire in "Russian Sage." The idea forming in my mind is some kind of fitted croppy vesty thingie. We'll see how it turns out. The handpaint is just beautiful, and feel fantastic to knit with. How spoiled I am!

I also whipped up a toddler hat for the winter in Blue Sky cotton. There's just one problem; I can't get him to leave it on his head. Not even long enough to nab a photograph!


JessaLu said...

We had a storm Thursday night, too. Scary stuff! It knocked out our dog fence - which I was unaware of until I looked out the window on Friday to see the new puppy standing in the middle of a very busy road. Scared me more than the storm! ;o) I hope you get a new TV soon!

Julie said...

I've been looking at knitting some "Nightmare Before Christmas" items for oldest boy as it's one of his favorite movies. The vest sounds perfect for you, can't wait to see that.

blogless sharon said...

too bad about the tv love the hat

Stacey said...

Every time my husband and I are away on vacation without a tv we talk about how we should watch less when we get home. It never really works out that way though...