Knitting is on the upswing too-in a few days I'll be able to post two FO's for the babbakins, basically the only items I have been able to focus on since the birth back in January! How some of you do all this, and spin is beyond me. A little detour into baby-beanie land helped to break up the monotony, and also whittle away at my stash. Above, I had a ball of Blue Sky organic cotton that Blogless Sharon had given me along with that super Kai sweater, and I wanted to make a hat with a frosty white trim. I also had some leftover homespun from her farm- Perfect! So that was cast on this morning. I also whipped up in some random blue cotton the pinwheel beanie from Just Jussi. He won't let it stay on his head just yet, but I'm hoping to teach him to keep his noggin warm with this by the end of October!

Just look at those baby blues.....they might even cure me of my blues. Hopefully.


Diane said...

That little face could chase any blues away for sure. My grandkids won't keep hats on either. Very sad for a gram who loves to knit hats.

jen said...

That is the cutest hat and most adorable picture I've ever seen!!!