The Angry Eggplant

Sadly, I did not finish the cabled christmas sweater in time...So this saturday as we loped into the agricultural and craft exhibits at the Marshfield Fair, I was doubly disappointed. Where were the bloggers? I didn't recognize any of the FO's, nor names. It appears we have all reached the summer lows, which isn't a bad thing. It just seems like we have all reached the epitome of relaxation. And perhaps just a bit of elan.
This lovely vegetable sculpture was worth the trip, though. Behold the menacing eggplant. This is one vegetable you don't want to mess with!
There was also some chicanery at the national guard tent. Gunnery Sgt FieldsofHeather took position, aimed, and fired upon (in her imagination anyways) some 30 year old women who were innappropriately dressed in stretch jeans, belly shirts, and tramp stamps. Gotta love the locals.

Upon returning home, I self-medicated with two episodes of What Not to Wear on TLC and went to bed, feeling much better.


Martita said...

I almost hate to ask, but what's a tramp stamp?

There's usually not much of a blogger involvement in the Fair, sad to say. Every year I tell myself I'll enter something but then every year I don't (or I'm too busy with the Flower Show downstairs to have time to enter anything else). This year I was disappointed to see there were no spinning entries at all. I could have thrown in my crappiest skein ever and still have won a ribbon!

blogless sharon said...

why oh why do we not through in a fleece or skein or somethin cute eggplant looks like a guy I once dated in college

JessaLu said...

Martita I envy you your not knowing of tramp stamps - unfortunately I have personal knowledge of them (not personally having one but knowing of several teen friends of the daughter having them...) ;o)

Maybe we should start a knit blogging revolution against tramp stamps and for fair involvement... ;o)