She Who Was Formerly Blogless

Someone is thinking of finally starting a blog of her own. I won't say who, but you probably already know. If you haven't guessed who I speak of, here are a few hints. They're also reasons why she MUST blog whether she likes it or not! For instance:

She has recently acquired two gentle furry friends of the alpaca variety.

She also has the angora bunbuns (and I'm not saying she has a furry caboose).

She has leaping lambs.

And if that's not enough, wouldn't you just love to hear about the antics of an eccentric world-traveling, motorcylemama, spinner, knitter-enthusiast who lives on a wacky farm with a hay-obsessed doctor-come-farmer husband and their three disfunctional kids?

There is a problem. What to name such a blog....any suggestions?


JessaLu said...

No. Sir. *passes out and hits the floor with a thud*

Kathy said...

"Rose of Sharon" or "The Adventures of Blogless No Longer Sharon"!

Monica said...

I bet motorcyclemama is already taken, eh? ;)

Margene said...

That's great news!