A Break Away From Myself

I am beside myself.
Perhaps even behind, or better yet, ahead of myself.
Either way, there is definitely no room left inside myself.

There is a 6-ish pound critter taking up most of the space, and whatever is left has been used for food storage. So I am thinking of taking a break away from myself. If I could do this, I would most definitely take a nice long stroll; do some skipping and hopping, maybe even some running and leaping.
Prancing is not out of the question.
I would consider taking a polar plunge in the Manomet waters, and then defer to splashing just my fingertips in it before spending an hour or so half-bent staring at the sand in search of sea glass. I would throw some 80’s music on in the kitchen, drink a few glasses of Riesling, and dance with abandon in my fluffy red bathrobe. I would try on a little black dress and blow kisses at an imaginary audience. Then I would take five minutes to face myself and do some little physical touchups, since I can’t really reach my toes when I am in myself.


Jen L. said...

Here I was thinking I was the only one who put on a dress and blew kisses at an imaginary audience. When I was younger I would put on the spandex and sing to an imaginary audience ... like I was Lita Ford or something ....

Karen said...

Not to worry - you will be back to doing all those things before you know it. And instead of kisses to an imaginary audience, you can blow kisses to a darling little boy!!!

Chris said...

Ahh, such delightful images! And the frustration behind them. I remember it well. Look forward, sweetie - you've got a lot of fun ahead. The soft sweetness of sleeping baby breaths, raucous giggles and clowning around, figuring out how to explain why the sky is blue or why we have 5 fingers and not 7 or 3.